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Cleaning Services Vancouver understands that your carpet requires proper maintenance to prolong its life and maintain its appearance. We offer environment-friendly, affordable and well-planned carpet cleaning services to both commercial as well as residential sectors in Vancouver, Richmond and adjoining areas in BC, Canada.

Use of Non-toxic Cleaning Products

Our carpet cleaning services remove dirt, dust, stains, oil, bugs, and pet odor. We use non-toxic, natural and citrus cleaning products, a great alternative if you have allergies or are chemical sensitive. Our professional carpet cleaner will look at your carpet type, and clean it accordingly. We use only the environment-friendly methods to clean your carpets and keep them fresh for a long time.

Hot Water Extraction

Cleaning Services Vancouver brings to use quality and proven steam cleaning method known as “hot water extraction”. The hot water extraction method protects your carpet and is a great way to revitalize and deep clean carpet more thoroughly. It gives a new life to your carpet and cleans in for difficult stains and gives it a fresh new look.

Quality Equipments

Our experience allows us to choose proper cleaning products and equipment, making us an excellent choice for carpet cleaning. Our equipments are of standard grade and are well-tested to provide you with long lasting effect and results.

Cleaning-Services-Vancouver cleans carpet in commercial and residential spaces, including offices, restaurants, schools, banks, churches, commercial buildings and medical centers, homes, townhomes, condos, apartments.

Stain Removal

Our stain removal services are an assurance for removing difficult stains with the use of powerful and portable extractors that work on the stains on carpets and rugs. We use non-toxic cleaning solvents that are environment and leave a soothing citrus fragrance on the carpets for a longer period of time. Our powerful steam cleaning method on old spots on the carpet are good at extracting dirt, pet hair etc.

Pet Odor

Pets can cause a lot of odor and result in scattered pet hair on your carpets that can be a menace for the children and visitors to your home. Our Vancouver carpet cleaning services ensure thorough cleaning of your carpet using environment-friendly cleaning solutions for a long lasting effect. We use the best cleaning equipment to remove pet hair and odor sticking to your carpets. You can now let your children lie on the carpets and have a good time with our assurance for hygiene.

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Carpet Cleaning Recommendations

To keep your carpets looking better longer:

1. Keep up regular carpet care
2. Attend to stains straight away
3. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner
4. Have your carpets professionally cleaned


We recommended professional carpet cleaning every 6 months in high traffic areas of your home, and every 12 months for the rest of your home.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

After carpet cleaning, apply 3M Scotchgarding, to protect the carpet against stains.