Vent Cleaning

The indoor air we often breathe is more polluted and dirties than pollution we endure outside as poor indoor air quality cause problems like asthma, aggravated emphysema and respiratory allergies. Cleaning Services Vancouver is concerned about your health, offering quality vent cleaning services to keep you away from mold, bacteria, fungi and microscopic dust particles.

Our advanced vent cleaning services include cleaning dryer vents at outer portion to remove excess lint present there. Skilled staff understands that location of dryer vent varies from machine to machine and works accordingly.

Our vent cleaning service exclusiveness:

•    Experienced staff and right set of tools to carry out cleaning procedures
•    Thorough cleaning of coils, inside of ductwork and fans in the system
•    Preventing smooth flow of air
•    Competitive service rates

To stay protected against bacteria, pollen, fungus, dust and other micro-organisms due to polluted air keep on circulating around a given region, you need to do dryer vents cleaning as regularly as possible. Come to us and avoid undesirable changes in your indoor environment.

Dryer vent cleaning is really essential!

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